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Printing Trademark Logos

Here at you can create any shirt that you can imagine. From customizing text, to choosing from  clip art, to uploading your own personal designs, there is sure to be a unique combination of images that will appeal to you. One of the main requirements in designing a custom shirt is that it must be something that YOU have imagined, it cannot be a trademark, animated character, or  celebrity likeness.

We cannot print shirts with copyrighted or trademarked images unless we have specific licensing to do so. Licensing rights are not something that we can resolve and are very difficult and time consuming for a client to obtain. However one way for you to print a shirt is to create characters and logos that are similar, yet fundamentally different than those they are in reference too. For example:


We cannot print images of Disney, Star Wars or Marvel/DC comic book characters, sports teams and their affiliated logos, celebrity photos and likeness, band logos or album covers, and company logos such as McDonalds or Coca-Cola.

So before you start designing a shirt with Darth Vader sticking a lightsaber into Donald Duck with Kiss rocking in the background, remember that we will be unable to print it without you acquiring licensing rights. The best way to avoid having to redo your awesome design is to begin with original artwork, and use images that are not expressly copyrighted. We have plenty of suggestions for you to get started in our idea gallery so head on over to and get started designing your custom shirt today!


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