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The Primetime Emmy nominations were announced today, which means the actual award show itself is just around the corner. Every year various television shows hope to gain an Emmy for their performance. Whether it be a show, an actor or actress, or a technical production, winning an Emmy is a big deal in the business.
Leading the Emmy nomination field is NBC’s sitcom 30 Rock, which received 22 nominations. AMC’s acclaimed drama Mad Men was second on the list with 16 nominations. The field for best comedy show has been crowded for years, but it seems as though 30 Rock wins it every single year. In fact, there are a lot of categories were the same show wins every year. So what happens to the challengers that go home empty? Well, at least they have the Emmy experience to remember. If your favorite show is up against 30 Rock, at least you can create a t-shirt to remember the moment because your show probably isn’t going to win any awards.
Are you planning to have an Emmy viewing party? You can create some truly unique t-shirts to remember the night by. Be the talk of your Emmy party with your own custom Emmy t-shirt.
Get your t-shirts here and plan your viewing parties because September 20th, the day of the show, is right around the corner!

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