Planning a Family Reunion [2022]

This article has been updated on 5/11/22.
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Family reunions are a delightful way to keep your family engaged with each other. Families are often willing to travel great distances to attend a reunion. It’s a great opportunity to catch up and celebrate milestones, such as marriages, births, graduations, career advancement, and missed birthdays. Planning a family reunion does take effort though and if you’ve never done it before, you may not know exactly what to expect and plan for. If you’ve hosted a family reunion before, our simple 3 step process will help you get started. If you’re new to the process, this post will offer references to resources that will help you through the process.


When To Start Planning

The first order of business is to gauge the level of interest and plan for number of attendees, decide the dates, and possible location that will work for your family. Assuming most people have a social media account, you could post and tag each of your family members there to start a stir. If they only have email, you should reach out to them personally. If email isn’t an option, a letter or phone call will have to do. There are many resources to collaborate on a time, location, and assign tasks. A few that we recommend are:


Evite helps to create e-invitations and send them through email or text. You can track your RSVPs and ask your attendees to sign up to bring items like food, giveaways, and more. You can even request donations for the event within the invitation to help cover reunion expenses.


Meetup is a platform built to help people find and build local communities. Meetup is commonly used to meet new people but is also great for organizing a family reunion.

Make sure to plan ahead when organizing a family reunion (even 6 months in advance). The beginning steps of organizing your attendees can take time to organize.

Find Volunteers

Depending on whether you’re some sort of event planning superhero, you’re going to need help. To get help, you’re going to need to ask for it. If you’re lucky, you may get some volunteers beforehand but make sure you choose dependable and energetic people for the really important tasks. Things that should be assigned to an individual or a committee are the reservations of a location, the menu, confirmations, decorating, activities, and excursions if your family reunion will take place over the course of days, a dedicated photographer, and the cleanup crew.

The appointments for these tasks should be selected at least four months ahead of the dates your family has chosen. The reservation and handling of the locale should be top priority and have several backup volunteers in case your appointee struggles.

VolunteerSpot is scheduling tool that a will help you coordinate volunteers. It offers calendars, sign-up sheets , and allows your volunteers to view your schedule. It’s free to use!

Choosing A Location

When choosing your locale, keep in mind the different levels of physical ability your attendees have.  Also keep in mind financial resources. Ask yourself if an expensive resort is the best choice for families with lots of children or single parents on their own? You can request volunteers when making your outreach for attendees. With platforms like AirBNB, you can also choose to stay in someone’s home vs a resort. Many properties can accommodate larger groups and make AirBNB a viable option for your family reunion.

Air BNB Family Reunion

This AirBNB in Dallas, TX would great for a family reunion.

Looking to take your family reunion outdoors? Some of the most popular destinations are parks, lakes, and campgrounds. Because of this, they tend to become booked up pretty quickly in the summer months. One of the best resources to find and review potential outdoor venues is The National Park Services website, choose your state and find basic information about all the parks available in your neck of the woods. State or city tourist and visitor guides can also be helpful to locate options you may not have even thought of such as a guest ranch or farm. These sites also offer deals on local attractions and excursion ideas. State vacation guides offer additional links to resources and discounts along with temperature expectations for your family reunion dates and available amenities.

Planning and scheduling a menu can coincide with the location choice in the form of themes such as a campfire cookout, bbq, seafood buffet, or potluck if there are cooking facilities for each family. If the destination is off the beaten path, make sure to locate the nearest grocery store and include the name and directions in the final invite, RSVP deadline, and published agenda. For potluck, remind each family to bring the appropriate cooking vessels and ingredients.

Outdoor Family Rewunion

Family Reunion Swag And Merch

Commemorating your family reunion not only elevates the experience, but gives family members something to remember. It’s no secret that custom family reunion tees can really elevate your event.  DesignAShirt makes family reunion t-shirt souvenirs an easy, and affordable, option. Some of our design templates have be used annually for nearly 20 years!

Free 10-day shipping means you have ample time to collecting t-shirt sizing and payment from your family members. We’ve created a Family Reunion T-Shirt Order Form to make it easy for you. You can print out the form and collect sizing information from your family members as well as payment. Pricing discount increase with volume, so you can estimate your printing costs before you order. Contact us for more information. Click the image below to download your own family reunion t-shirt order form.

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After you’ve collected sizing information, you’ll want a design everyone will love. DesignAShirt offers many customizable family reunion t-shirt templates to make your own shirt. If you find one you like, you can change the color combinations, fonts, and replace lineart with your own custom images or choose something different from our digital library of t-shirt art. The t-shirt product the template is designed on is easily changed too with lots of different options for infants, kids, juniors, women, and unisex options. Ordering your print on different products is no extra charge if the design and ink colors stay the same on the different options. A different size of art for infant and children would incur a small charge since additional printing screens have to be made.

If you want something completely unique to your family, you could ask an artistically inclined family member to come up with a custom design. They would just need to submit the finalized art in a 300 dpi file in the format of .eps, .pdf, .psd, .tiff, .ai, .cdr, .gif, .jpeg, .ppt, .png, or .gif. We have a blog article on design that you can view for more family reunion design tips.

Want a profession design made for you? Our T-Shirt Concierge offers free expert designs with a rapid turnaround. Create a custom family reunion t-shirt design today at T-Shirt Concierge.

Keeping the costs to a minimum is as simple as choosing a one color design on a lower cost t-shirt product like Hanes Tagless Tee’s, (which is our most popular choice.). Don’t worry though, if you only order 35, you still pay less per piece with every additional shirt. You also don’t have to order personalized t-shirts. A hat or even a tote bag is a fun, creative option too. Take a look at our specialty items, which a great for family reunions.

Excursions and Events

Scout around for the cost and availability of local guides, jeep tours, horseback riding, ATV and bicycle rentals, etc.

Once the location choice, meal planning, and family reunion souvenirs has been finalized and/or reserved, you should have a general idea of how much attendance should cost per person. Fees for additional excursions should be optional or adjusted for individual that can’t or don’t care to participate. To more accurately quote the price for each individual, you can create a signup form for activities and t-shirt sizes. Add some cushion in the per person cost in case of unanticipated fees. If there is money left over, you can put it in reserve for next year’s family reunion.

We have found that AirBNB now offers event planning and is a great option.

Tour guides can accommodate families of any size.

Payment and Agenda

There’s lots of options for payment collection to the organizers. Here are a few top recommendations according to Nerdwallet.

Final Steps

Once you’ve finalized your family reunion details, it’s time to give them to your family members. You should publish your family reunion agenda once it’s finalized. This agenda should include the dates and time, location, activities, projected weather forecast, menus and planned meal times, lodging and rates information if this is not included in the price per attendee, payment due dates, and any additional warnings or notices. You should have this in place at least two months in advance of the family reunion.

Now it’s time to reserve any equipment you’ll be using for the reunion like tables, chairs, tents, stages, generators, food service equipment, heating and cooling, lights, etc. Then confirm attendance and reservations, prepare any signage if applicable. The countdown is on to your next family reunion!

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