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Paula Abdul T-Shirts

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Paula Abdul is leaving American Idol. The former 80s pop star is leaving the reality TV show that made her famous to a generation of reality TV fans. This potential split had been rumored for quite a while. At one point there was a “Keep Paula” twitter trend going in efforts to keep the star on American Idol, back when it looked like the show was ready to ditch her. We designed a t-shirt for that occasion too. Fox says Abdul leaving Idol was completely her decision. Whoever’s decision it was there is no changing the fact that Abdul is gone. Fox was prepared for this by bringing on Kara DioGuardi as a fourth judge last year. DioGuardi will be Abdul’s replacement for the upcoming season.

We designed this simple Paula Abdul t-shirt for the hardcore fans of Paula Abdul that are upset she left the show. Wear the shirt to show your support of Paula in her future endeavors. Feel free to use this shirt as a template and design your very own, unique Paula Abdul t-shirt. You can find the shirt here.

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