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The date June 6th is known throughout history as D-Day, the day that the Allied forces stormed Normandy Beach in 1944. In the world of technology, June 6th is now known as the day the new Palm Pre will be released.

The Palm Pre is the newest hyped phone to hit the market in recent years. Following the success of other smart phones like the iPhone and the BlackBerry Storm, the Palm Pre hopes to make a big splash in the mobile phone market. This t-shirt plays off the significance of its release date, June 6th, also being the date D-Day happened. Since many people are going to be camping out to get their Palm Pre on June 6th, the shirt dubs the day “Pre-Day”. A caricature of the Palm Pre sits in the middle of the shirt, between the text, for maximum view ability.

Get your Palm Pre t-shirt today, or start editing this design.

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