SPLASH Lifeguard T-Shirt Design

When designing custom t-shirts, companies frequently stylize according to their demographic and the ideas they wish to project as a corporation. Additionally, the red t-shirt is bold and bright. This easily allows for the lifeguards […]

Columbus Family Reunion Design

As a top-selling design idea, family reunion t-shirts come in a wide variety. This family reunion t-shirt, however, encompasses a large range of ideas without being overly busy. First, the navy blue used on the […]

Summertime Equals Family Reunion T-Shirts

Summertime is family reunion season and we would like to provide some helpful suggestions for designing the perfect family reunion t-shirt to remember the timeless memories created at reunions this year. Most family reunions are […]

T-Shirts Going Green

By: Rachel Lowenstein Ask any stylist, designer, or manufacturer and they’ll tell you that the biggest trend this year in clothes wasn’t black, it wasn’t patterns, and it wasn’t metallic; It was green. With over […]

Color Psychology and Your Custom T-Shirts

By: Rachel Lowenstein The psychology of color is one that is concerned with the effects of hues on emotions, moods, and performance. Color is pervasive in the world, effective on the impressionable, and helps drive […]

New Custom T-Shirts Design Online News

Welcome to our new online custom t-shirts design news! We post information about the fabulous online custom t-shirts company DesignAShirt.com and their progress through the t-shirt industry as well a t-shirt examples custom made by […]