Site Down, Site Down!

The United States Navy is trained for numerous scenarios, but one they are having trouble dealing with today is a server issue. The key online resource for the Navy Advancement Exam, (this URL is down) , has been down today. This website is key resource for Navy members to use to advance their knowledge for the exams. With the website not working, there is no definitive resource to use as study material. The website is also a key information site for the Navy.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this site failure is that it comes during Fleet Week. Fleet Week is an event held in New York City that started and Wednesday and runs through Sunday. It is a promotion for the Navy and Marine Corps. Different Navy demonstrations, contests and performances are held all throughout this week. Civilians attending this event get a first hand look at how the Navy works and the chance to tour some Naval ships. Fleet Week is one of the more important weekends each year for the Navy, a time to promote their branch of the armed forces.

There isn’t a worse time for this website to be down. Fleet Week sends a lot of traffic to this site. Let’s hope the nation’s finest Naval brains can come together and solve this problem!

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