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Recently a trend in designer shirts has been to approach fashion from a minimalist perspective. We are seeing designs stripped down to their bare essentials in order achieve a unique effect in contrast to extravagant designs. This is great news for those who want to create custom shirts because it is easy to make a catchy design without a huge amount of effort.

We have plenty of simple clip art to choose from so designing a minimalistic shirt is a snap in the Design Studio. Try experimenting with different shapes, lines and colors to create a unique and striking design. It takes patience to get the idea just right so try a few designs before you decide on which one looks best. Start with an object and consider its most essential features such as the antlers of a deer or the fangs of a vampire, then create a design that highlights those elements. You can also try creating abstract patterns of shapes and colors that are aesthetically pleasing. The number one thing to remember is to have fun so get started on creating a custom shirt today!

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