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When the weather starts cooling down, it’s time for the beards to grow out. The beard is man’s best natural defense against the winter air, and plus it just looks cool. Here at DesignAShirt we have several employee’s who all rock their own style of beard. Come and meet the beard crew and tell us your favorite!

Screen-printing Master Lalo and Shipping Guru Dillon both take the top spot for length in the office. While they may not be Gandalf length beards they’re still  pretty impressive. Who knows, give them a few months and we could see some serious hedge work.

Meet the Matts. With four Matts running around the office one of the best ways to tell them apart is by their beards! We’ve got a red beard, a scrappy beard, tight trimmed and classy beard of distinction with some silver highlights.

Finally we have Danny and Del. Danny goes for the working man scruff, while Del prefers keeping it centralized on the on the chin for the new age rocker look.

Whatever the look, we accept all beards choices at DesignAShirt. Thanks for taking time to meet the beard crew. We think the beards add a little magic to our production efforts, order your custom shirt today and see for yourself!

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