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How to Prevent Shirt Shrinkage

The very best way to prevent shrinkage is to forgo machine washing. If it’s your most precious tee, this is almost fail-proof. Most of us don’t have a t-shirt we cherish quite that much so machine wash it cold on the gentle cycle. This method is the least likely to result in shirt shrinkage.

Drying your t-shirt is another story. Pretty much anytime you introduce heat into the mix; your shirt is going to shrink at least a little. If you’re worried, don’t put it in the dryer at all. Instead, lay it flat to dry. Once the tee is dry, if it looks a little wrinkled, you can smooth it out by adding a dash of laundry softener to a spray bottle full water and spritzing it all over.  Tug a little and smooth out, not only will the wrinkles relax, the tee will smell minty fresh or springtime fresh or whatever smell you get depending on the bouquet of your softener.

Prevent Stretching and Distortion

It’s happened to all of us, after a load of laundry is done, we find a pair of underwear or a shirt that’s been stretched and warped out of all proportion. If you’re sick of your washing machine stretching your t-shirts, use a lingerie bag. These can be found at almost any store that sells laundry supplies. Never experience a gumby shirt again.

How to Keep the Hem on your T-shirt from Folding Up

Unless you’re a seamstress, this one is not an easy fix. The best fix of all is not to purchase cheap tees. But if you find yourself with this problem a lot, you can attempt to keep it from happening on new tees in the first place by not using excessive heat in the dryer. Removing the t-shirt promptly and smoothing down the edges can help the tendency from “setting” in the fabric. It goes against the principles of easy and casual dress, but an iron may help the hem lie flat too.

Organizing your Stash

Are you sick of digging through stacks of t-shirts in your drawers for your favorites only to mess up your neatly folded collection? Stack graphic t-shirts vertically instead of on top of one another in drawers to see all of them at a glance, an added bonus is more t-shirts will fit in the drawer as well.

Ink Disaster

Got ink on your spanking new custom tee? Spraying hair spray on fresh ballpoint pen ink stains can lift them off. Who would have thought?

Armpit Horrors

There’s no use in denying it, we’ve all seen this. Yucky yellow armpit stains. Get rid of armpit stains with supplies you probably already have in your cupboards! Vinegar can be used to pretreat the stained area before the wash by soaking the area in an undiluted solution. Salt is another staple with loads of uses. Dissolve about four teaspoons in hot water and sponge the stained area to remove. Lemons have long been utilized to whiten. Scrub the stain with an equal amount of lemon juice and water and see what kind of magic happens.

Bonus T-Shirt Life Hack

How to Keep a Dog or Cat from Licking their Wound

If your animal has recently been injured or had to endure surgery somewhere on its torso, nothing is worse than the uncomfortable collar of shame. Although animals usually prefers sitting on shirts rather than being in them, putting a child sized t-shirt on the animal may prevent them from fussing with wounds and it’s great for Facebook content too.

What interesting life hacks for t-shirts do you have to share?

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