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Weddings are all about personalization and the trend in unusual themes, far-out locations, atypical bridal gowns, and non-traditional wedding dates are all becoming perfectly acceptable if not even the norm.

Wedding season is now basically any season, and weddings and all the celebrations surrounding them in general are now all inclusive and all-encompassing affairs, including co-ed bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Theme weddings have also become extremely popular as people are more free to be expressive than ever before. Many trendy themes are based upon popular culture. Sometimes themes are far less conventional. While the timeless and classic wedding will always have its place, having the social acceptance to be imaginative sparks some very interesting ideas like Zombie, Carnival, and Steampunk themed weddings and parties.

Some themes can be based around color combinations like turquoise and coral or unusual applications of color like a wedding dress with an ombre fringe.

coral and turqouise color combo

Have you heard of wedding hashtags? It’s a really inventive way to get guests to participate in your wedding. Check out this service that collects all your hashtagged photos from Instagram and Twitter and displays a live feed at your wedding! Plus, you get to download all the great pics! You can build up momentum for your own personalized hashtag with t-shirts or totes that feature the hashtag. Give them away at the wedding or prenuptial events like the rehearsal dinner, bachelor and bachelorette parties.

hashtag wedding t-shirt

Bachelorette and bachelor parties don’t have to be a night of excess either. Since many couples share lots of friends its more and more common to have a co-ed party. Co-ed parties call for a little more creativity to keep everyone entertained and feel included. Here’s a few that could work.

A psychic or metaphysical party – Invite a fortune teller and bust out the Ouija board.

Role Playing Games – These can be very rich and thematic engrossing the players; you just might have to have follow up parties.

Mixology – A lot of people have flirted with the idea of bartending because it looks sexy and exciting. Hire a professional to teach everyone a few smooth moves.

Cabin in the Woods – Not only is this awesome because you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving, the woods naturally lend adventure with hiking, fishing, building fires, and barbecuing.

Brewery Tours – This can be a really cheap way to spend an evening since many breweries offer free tasting. Find out if a few are offering tasting tours on the same day to extend the party.

Beer Yoga – If you’re not sure about visiting a bunch of breweries, check out beer and yoga. Stretch out the pre-marital nerves and follow up with some tasty brew.

Cruise – There are lots of options for cruises and these can be fairly inexpensive considering all that is included, especially if you’re located near the port. The last sail before the veil t-shirt souvenir is incredibly popular for this idea.

For more inspiration, check out our entire collection of wedding event t-shirt and tank top templates.

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