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Starting your own brand offers a lot of challenges along with the rewards that come from being an independent designer. One of the biggest mistakes indie designers have shared with us is they incorrectly think that screen printing their own orders saves money. If time is money, (and it is,) you can spend your valuable time doing much more important things like building your brand and coming up with “it” wear. That’s why you started down this road in the first place, right?

When you get to the point that a manual press cannot reasonably support the volume of your orders, you start treading water to keep up, costly mistakes are made and the passion you have for your brand is compromised.

Even if you have in depth knowledge and expertise in screen printing, the time and effort it takes do your own printing can rob you of design inspiration. You may find that investing in your own quality equipment can deprive you of much needed resources to market your brand. Partnering with an established screen printer like also open up access to discounted product pricing as well as comprehensive access to hard-to-find goods.

We have strong relationships with product suppliers and since we buy our supplies in bulk, we enjoy discounted prices that we extend to t-shirt designers that choose to work with us. Some very successful brands roots began with us and we shared their growing pains with support, expertise and experimentation. In fact, some of our most prosperous brands do outgrow us when they get to the point they can afford the equipment and staff to bring everything in-house, but we know we have been a pivotal part of that success.

Partnering with DesignAShirtalso offers integrity and protection of your designs. When using other screen printers, even those that offer a free website, you compromise the ownership of your design as part of their terms of service. Your designs can be used in their marketing materials, modified, and even sold which is a big win for them because they use your content to make their brand look great. For our brands and resellers, we never take credit for your designs on our social channels or in our marketing material ensuring your brand remains YOUR BRAND.

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