It’s Labor Day weekend! Labor Day is celebrated the first Monday of every September. The holiday was first celebrated on September 5th, 1882. It was signed into law by then president Grover Cleveland. Labor Day often marks a major change in the calender year. It is considered the symbolic end of summer and the start of the fall season. School usually starts around Labor Day weekend, although lately more and more high schools have been starting their academic years in the beginning of August. Labor Day when professional and collegiate football return to the national scene.

Labor Day is a day of leisure. It is the first federal holiday since the 4th of July. Since it is considered the last weekend of summer many try to get away or use the last of their summer vacation during this weekend. This makes Labor Day an anticipated holiday. Enjoy your day of rest, use it to reflect on Summer 2009. We chose to design this simple t-shirt to remind you just exactly what Labor Day should meant to you. Get the shirt here, and celebrate the end of summer!

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