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Keep Paula T-Shirts

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Paula Abdul is a staple on the hit TV Show American Idol but she appears to be done with the show. ?Idol’s producers have yet to offer her a contract for the upcoming ninth season, which all but guarantees that she will not be back. Many Idol fans are unhappy with this development and a grassroots campaign has started to keep Paula Abdul on American Idol. Fans and former Idol contestants have come together in their support of Paula Abdul. Supporters have started a #keeppaula Twitter revolution in efforts to bring publicity to their cause.

Are you a fan of Paula Abdul and want to keep her on American Idol? Join the revolution with your very own Keep Paula t-shirt. American Idol wouldn’t be the same without the judge that has been on the show since its humble beginnings. If Paula Abdul is not judging season nine of American Idol the show will bedrastically different.

Keep Paula! Get the t-shirt here.

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