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John and Kate Plus 8 is coming to an end. Rumor has it the two reality TV stars are getting a divorce. Apparently John has been partying with college girls and Kate has been sleeping around with other men. What is on most people’s minds is what is going to happen to their reality show if the two get divorced?

John and Kate Plus 8 started as a special on the Discovery Health channel about John and Kate Gosselin and their recently born sextuplets, bringing their child total to eight. The original special, Surviving Sextuplets and Twins, was so popular that the two got their own reality show. It originally aired on Discovery Health but has since been airing on TLC.

Is the new season of this show going to be about Kate trying to get a date? What will happen to the children? Wear the t-shirt that predicts the upcoming season and tune in when new episodes are announced.

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