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By now you know. You know about Kanye West’s antics during MTV’s Video Music Awards last night. Taylor Swift had won the award for best female music video but during her acceptance speech Kanye ran on stage, took her mic and basically told her that she didn’t deserve the award. It was a shocking and controversial moment that instantly sent the blogosphere and twitter into a complete frenzy. Kanye himself was escorted out of the event and was stripped of any award he did or would have received. This isn’t the first time Kanye has had a controversial moment at an awards show. Actually, it isn’t even the second time. No, this is more of a trend for Kanye.

Whether or not Kanye planned this as a PR stunt, which is now the hot rumor flying around the internet, what he did was still lame move on his part. Interrupting a young girl who was clearly excited after she won her first ever award is a classless move. Kanye has turned many off with his giant ego and head scratching antics and he didn’t do anything to win those people over last night. Are you tied of Kanye West’s act? Think he is a douchebag? We have the t-shirt for you. Get it here.

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