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If you offer an interesting service or product you’ve probably already experienced inquiries for your corporate swag. These kinds of fun promotional giveaways are a great way to make an emotional connection with your existing customers and make a quality impression on new customers and leads.

Many people that receive branded promotional items have a high level of recall for that company and hold a positive opinion for that business. However younger consumers have increasingly higher standards and expectations for companies they do business with. That’s why it’s more important than ever to evaluate how your brands reputation is reflected in the corporate swag you intend to giveaway for promotions.

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While it’s true that corporate giveaways draw crowds at events and conventions, making sure your corporate swag is on trend and high quality will help build your brand identity. The core concept here is quality and how that relates to the perception of your brand. People are gravitating towards brands that are genuine and display core values that reflect their own aspirations.

To make sure your swag echoes the perception you’re trying to build you need to figure out what your customer’s value most. If you’re business is like ours, custom t-shirt printing, your customer could be literally anyone. To meet that challenge, you can look at society as a whole and the trends that are leading consumer intentions.

U.S. consumers in aggregate are looking for meaning and experience in their lives. The recession took its toll on American consumers and the volatility of the political and economic climate in the last decade has had an impact as well. People are responding to brands that have high standards. This means the corporate swag you choose needs to project these ideals.

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The demand for quality and authenticity is not restricted to gender either. Men are becoming more fashion conscience and women that usually were the purchasers are supporting this. Even if your ideal customer are primarily men, when considering a unisex option for corporate swag, don’t make the mistake of thinking any old t-shirt will do. It’s simply not true. In fact online forums dedicated to men’s fashion like Styleforum and MaleFashionAdvice have hundreds of thousands of active members seeking to learn about fashionable male clothing.

You should also put yourself in their shoes, or in this case, their t-shirt and reflect objectively how you feel about that product. Don’t approach this with a price per t-shirt mindset. Think about the cut, quality, and feel of the t-shirt. Is it something you’d feel comfortable in all day? Is it itchy, too heavy, or too thin for comfort? Does it stretch or is it stiff? Is it a t-shirt product that is currently trendy like heathered tees or triblends? Is it a brand that your customers would recognize and associate with value like Bella + Canvas or Next Level?

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Quality and value should be easy to recognize in the development of your design and messaging on the print of the t-shirt. Take time to create a design that will be appealing to your customers. This means considering how much information you will put on the t-shirts. If you do a two-sided print obviously you’ll have twice the space but it is more costly. Don’t get carried away with the self-promotion either. Adding too much to the design can detract from would otherwise be a beautifully branded tee. Do you really need all your social handles, email address, website address, phone number, and physical address on a t-shirt? Pick a few of your most important channels of contact or the channels you’re really trying to grow and leave it at that.

Will your t-shirt giveaway be useful to the recipient? People have tons of choices when it comes to apparel so when you give someone branded corporate swag, it has to be exceptional for it to be worn. In most cases there has to be some emotional connection to your brand in the first place. However, if your design is amazing and the t-shirt products you choose to have us print it on is top quality, you have the chance to have non-customers market for you.

You may have heard about the fashion phenomena sparked by the DHL logo in 2016. All of sudden it was a must have and legitimate DHL delivery men were in danger of getting rolled for their uniform. While your branded t-shirt might not reach that level of demand, trends on the runway have a trickle-down effect to the streets and corporate swag has gained a whole new spectrum of interest and desirability. That is of course, if it’s produced as high quality merchandise.

When you provide something that is useful and on trend, sentiment towards your brand is reinforced. You make a statement about your company with the swag you give. You are saying to the world that your company cares about its reputation.

Another aspect to consider is how your customer sees your company’s impact on the environment. If you choose t-shirts products that are sustainable like American Apparel’s Unisex Organic Fine Jersey Classic T-shirt or Alternative Apparel’s Organic Cotton Basic Crew you are demonstrating that your company is responsible and takes initiative to lead the way towards a sustainable future.

Marketing your company appropriately to the desired audience requires more than a last minute brainstorm for swag giveaway ideas. When you choose to promote your business with custom printed t-shirts it’s essential to consider how your company will be regarded. Precisely, if you want to be perceived as a quality company that is interested in authenticity and provides a useful service or product, make sure your corporate swag acts as an ambassador for your company.

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