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September 25th, 2009; the day AT&T; finally debuted MMS messaging. MMS had been commonplace among many other phone services for a few years, but AT&T; was late to the game. No big deal right? Well since AT&T; was the lone service provider for the ever-so-popular iPhone, this was a huge deal. When the iPhone debutedMMS messaging in the summer it wasn’t met with universal praise because AT&T; couldn’t support it yet, and there was no other option for iPhone users. As we wrote back then, AT&T; was iPhone’s anchor.

Today is a day for iPhone fans to rejoice, they finally have their MMS. Never mind the fact that there are already questions about AT&T;’s ability to handle the mass MMSing that is sure to occur. MMS, which allows picture, video and audio messaging, only amounts to about 2.5% of all messaging, but it is still an important service for all cell phone providers to offer. We made a t-shirt for the momentous occasion, you can get it here. Bust out your iPhone, send your friend a picture message and enjoy the good life . . . until the service crashes.

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