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Introducing the DesignAShirt Value Tee

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Brand Name Tee at Low Prices

This summer is introducing to you the DesignAShirt value tee. has received these high quality brand name shirts from a company well known in the industry but have stripped them of their marketing value. The name of this company alone increases the price of the shirt; now that DesignAShirt removed their marketing from the process we can pass the savings along to you. These 5.4 ounce custom t-shirts are available to you at a lower cost than they would be if they were received directly from the brand name. The 5.4 ounce DesignAShirt value tee is the first of its kind that we have offered to you. This new endeavor will allow you to save money while still receiving the quality t-shirt that you deserve.

5.4 Ounce T-Shirt

The 5.4 ounce t-shirt is a high quality t-shirt that is lighter and allows the wearer to be cooler and more flexible. During the hot summer months nothing is going to feel better than wearing a 5.4 ounce custom t-shirt with a design you created. The new DesignAShirt value tee has arrived just in time for the summer and is the answer to all of your custom t-shirt needs.

Get a Custom T-Shirt

Demand for custom t-shirts historically rise during the summer months. Whether you have a family reunion, a party, or want to promote your business or sports team; the summer is the best time to order custom t-shirts. We have long offered you many options when it comes to designing a shirt; this is just our latest option to you. We are ready to meet your design needs and hope that our new 5.4 ounce value t-shirt can do just that. Take advantage of our offer and design our t-shirt today.

As spring turns to summer wants to welcome you to the Summer of Screen Printing. Summer has long been the most popular time of year for people to make custom t-shirts. Summer is often alive with events, including social events, sporting events and family reunions. These types of events increase the demand for custom t-shirts, as more and more people are designing a shirt specifically for their event. A unique custom designed t-shirt allows a certain one of a kind feeling at these summer events and provides a keepsake to all participants.

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