Reading Time: 3 minutes offers custom design assistance for our clients who need a little help with creating their personalized t-shirts (see here for more details about our custom t-shirt design services).
But some of our clients need a little bit more help from designers. Often, they are re-doing the entire look of their business (or non-profit group) — by revamping the logo, website and staff uniforms. When that happens, often works with these designers to get the right results for their clients.

One of them is Stephanie Liebold, Creative Director at Bold Avenue. Here is a quick interview with Stephanie, who has worked with DesignAShirt when ordering up items for her clients.  See more of her designs here

How long have you been freelancing?

I started my business in 2005 and went full time in 2008.

Why did you start to work on your own?

There were many reasons both personal and professional. It was a way to take control of my schedule and to put me on a path toward future goals. I also felt that there was a different way to treat clients than what I saw from some designers. I feel my role is to educate clients and help them make an informed decision, but not to talk down to them or act like my solution is the only possibility. There is a friendlier approach that recognizes the client as an expert in what they do. We have a lot to learn from each other.

What is your typical day like?

A typical day might involve brainstorming t-shirt ideas, designing a business card, sending out invoices, meeting with a potential client at a coffee shop and maybe randomly running into another contact who needs design work, as well.

What is your typical customer like?

A small business owner or organizer of a local event with a lot on their plate, who needs a designer to make them look good and make their life easier – on a budget, of course!

What are the advantages of going with a graphic artist like yourself?

A couple big advantages are design expertise and excellent, personalized service.

What kind of advice to you give to clients who are looking for a great tshirt design?

Find someone who knows what they’re doing and who you have a good rapport with. Good communication is essential!

What do you look for when picking out a printer for tshirts for your clients?

Quality and commitment to service. I offer my clients above-and-beyond service, and I need the rest of my team to be on board with that philosophy.

What kind of advice to you give to clients who want a total rebranding? – what gives them the most bang for the buck?

Find a great designer, be honest about your budget and then let them work their magic! Offer input without micromanaging.

Do you have some examples of a kewl tshirt design you have done recently?

Yes, here:








What are the biggest challenges you face with coming up with a totally new look for your clients?

I always strive to make sure I’m not just coming up with a neat design but one that solves a problem for my clients. The challenge is not just coming up with something that looks great, but something that truly functions for them.

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