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Finding inspiration and tutorials for t-shirt design can be really time consuming, especially if you’ve never researched it before. Knowing how to create and save files correctly for t-shirt printing is every bit as important as providing the right assets to any other type of printer. We’ve researched and found some great resources especially for t-shirt artists that will help you in everything from your design vision and creativity, to more technical requirements of providing t-shirt art ready for print.

It’s important to stay up to date so most resources are current; however a few golden oldies are included simply because the information is good. Be sure to bookmark this page and share with your social community because sharing these resources IS caring.

Besides offering a great variety of fantastic tutorials on the topic of design in general, you will find a few tutorials that are t-shirt art specific.

See this tutorial that will help you to hone your illustration skills and provides tips to keep your printing costs down by using a limited color palette.

Featuring a step by step tutorial on how to prepare your t-shirt art for printing that will help control printing costs and ensure a happy printer/customer relationship. Check out some of their other topics too, this site is a virtual treasure trove for t-shirt artists.

Featuring tutorials, templates, vectors, textures and more.

Features design inspiration for all types of designers but this particular tutorial is awesome in its simplicity plus it’s a retro design tutorial which is really hot right now.

An awesome tutorial detailing how to create fruit vectors from simple shape composition, perfect for summertime design!

A tutorial how to make orange peel text to compliment your fruity summer design!

Learn how to easily make symmetrical patterns to capitalize on the fancy print trend.

See a time saving tutorial for creating custom lettering and vector illustration via the pathfinder tool in Illustrator.

Tons of inspiration of all kinds but checkout the color palettes!

See hot designs from other artists. Looking for printsperation? You’ve got it!

Check out this illustration search engine that only includes amazing stuff from artists. Type in the combination of your concept and the art style “illustration” and see what you find.

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