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Hate MondaysMonday . . . the most dreaded day of the week. Monday has a bad reputation because it starts the work week. After a nice weekend off most everyone returns to work on Monday. Even if one likes their job there is still a good chance they are not looking forward to starting their work week. Since it takes us about a day to adjust to the work schedule we usually go through Monday in somewhat of a fog. Monday is also disliked because it is the first of the five day work week, a reminder that your weekend just ended and it isn’t coming back soon.

Poor Monday, what did it ever do to deserve this reputation? Everyone loves Friday, Sunday has football, Saturday is the premier day of the weekend, even Wednesday has a cool nick name, “hump day”. What does Monday get? The title of worst and most dreaded day of the week. The movie Office Space put it best, “looks like someone has a case of the Mondays”. We aren’t the biggest fan of Monday’s either, so we decided to design a shirt to satire people’s feelings of the day. You can get the shirt here.

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