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The Hangover is the break out comedy hit of the summer. The movie has garnered a ton of buzz since its June 5th release and made $47 million on its opening weekend. The movie is directed by Old School director Todd Phillips and has been hailed to as a return to form by Phillips.

In case you haven’t turned on a TV in a month and seen the preview, the Hangover is about four friends who go to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. They wake up the next morning hungover and find that the man of the hour is missing and they have no memory of the night. They end up having to piece together the night through a series of encounters that they have during the following morning. The movie stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha.

If you are a fan of this movie like we are, celebrate with your own “I’m Hungover” shirt. It’s sure to get a laugh from your friends and be a conversation starter at bars.

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