You know marketing is important and you’ve tried a lot of different tactics to engage your customers to interact with your brand both online and off. But what makes someone ready to be your brand evangelist?

The number one rule to engage brand evangelists is to provide them a product they will be proud to promote. When you ask someone to wear your event t-shirt, you’re basically asking them to align their image of themselves with your product or service.

When asking this of anyone, as a marketer or brand, you have to realize there is a lot of psychology behind it. People will ask the question, “How does this make me feel about myself?” There a basically four ways people think about this question. “Does this match who I am, who I think I am and who I want to be?” And worst case scenario, “Does this make me look like someone I do NOT want to be?”

Your job as a marketer along with your t-shirt designer is to reinforce positive self-concepts with your potential brand evangelists. Depending on what your ideal industry or individual consumer target is, your business t-shirt designs need to be aligned with what motivates THEM, not just your logo and what your product or services does.

Try coming up with designs or sayings that make your brand evangelist seem elite, smart or funny as a strategy. You may need to come up with several if your targets are broad. Also, remember one size does not fit all. Going for a cheap product that may be itchy, ill-fitting, likely to shrink after the first wash, or poorly printed isn’t going to match your ideal targets persona. Many women would prefer to wear a form fitting t-shirt product as well so if you have a lot of female customers, you need to give them an option that will fit a feminine vision.

Here are some examples of designs or slogans that speak to specific industries. You can tap into potential evangelists that are waiting be your company’s advocate if you give them a t-shirt design they want to wear!

Business T-Shirt Ideas for Graphic Designers

Business T-Shirt Ideas for Accountants

Business T-Shirt Ideas for Nurses

Business T-Shirt Ideas for Programmers

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