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When you’re beginning your hunt for a professional t-shirt printer, there are a lot of questions to ask yourself before trusting them to fulfill your custom t-shirt vision. There is a lot competition for printing personalized apparel so there’s no need to settle for a local screen printer that might be too shorthanded or inexperienced to do an outstanding job and deliver one time. One of the reasons people go with a local screen printer is they think they’ll get their t-shirts quicker or more cheaply because they won’t have to pay for shipping. But we, as an online t-shirt printer, already factor shipping into the costs as well feature one of the fastest deliveries of personalized apparel in the industry. And we are able to offer our services at amazingly low prices with products printed and shipped from the U.S.

Figuring out which t-shirt printer to give your business to can be answered by evaluating the following criteria:

Contemplate the customer service you will receive. While producing a fantastic finished product is desirable, without exceptional customer service to go with it, your experience could be needlessly frustrating. Communication between printer and client is crucial to meet deadlines, customer expectations for print and apparel product, and to stay within budget. If your prospective printer does not get back with you on questions you may have before placing your order, it’s likely not going to change once funds are put down

How else can you check to see what their customer service style is? Online reviews are the best way to evaluate how a screen printer handles their business on average. Reviews on Yelp, Reseller Ratings, Facebook and the Better Business Bureau are nearly impossible to fabricate en masse. Does the printer reply to negative reviews? Are they civil in their responses? It’s not easy to please everyone and certainly some customers can be unreasonable wanting services or price breaks the printer simply doesn’t offer but if the majority of reviews are positive, you’re likely going to happy with their services too.

Good customer service also consists of the ability and willingness to offer suggestions. If you are inexperienced in ordering custom apparel, you’re going to want expert advice. A good printer will tell you when your chosen ink color will not contrast enough with the color of product you want. An excellent printer will offer design advice that allows you to achieve your design vision and stay within budget by educating you about the options. Good printers will have a wide selection of products to print on. Exceptional printers will have contacts across the country that opens up every possibility for products. A good printer will know and tell you when something is outside the realm of their expertise. An excellent printer will listen, as well as pay close attention to detail, and be very creative throughout the process.

Experience with screen printing and decorating apparel is something that can’t be faked, it’s not learned over night, or from a video, or a book. Hands-on experience over years is the best teacher along with collaboration with a team of experienced printers. The best t-shirt printers will attend industry conferences and experiment with new apparel decoration techniques, tools, and products to find the best methods and stay on top of trends. The best t-shirt printers will also invest in new screen printing technology to keep up with demands and evolving expectations for custom printed apparel. Continually developing industry knowhow can also impact the price you pay per piece. If a screen printer is taking action to improve processes and streamlining production, the client may be the recipient of higher quality printing produced in less time to get a better product quicker without additional costs.

4 color process t-shirt print

Experienced apparel printers will also have a very strong grasp on logistics. It’s not a simple thing to ship all over the country to meet deadlines. Especially when the printer promises free 10-day delivery from when the order is placed. Once an order is placed, the product you’ve chosen for your print will be ordered and shipped to our facility. The art will go to an artist for any clean up or manipulation required ensuring a crisp, quality print. The art is then sent to production where screens are burned to apply the ink to the garment. Then it’s off to the printing press where the ink is laid down, and then it goes through a curing process. Once cured, the garment goes through an inspection process to evaluate the print and look for any abnormalities or product defects. It’s then sent to shipping where it’s routed to the destination.

Sometimes if there is an issue with production or our client makes a mistake in the number of garments needed, we need to speed the process up to meet the deadline. We go to every length to never disappoint our customers and make sure they receive their product as ordered when promised. From a logistics standpoint this sometimes involves contacting alternative delivery services like couriers. We’ve even gone to the extreme of taking a package to the airport, putting the package on a plane and engaging a cabbie to pick the product up from its destination and delivering it to our customer’s door to make their event on time.

Having the knowledge and capacity to innovate in times of emergency is not something every printer will do. Some printers might simply offer a refund without regard of the disappointment they may have caused an event organizer. We strive to make every customer feel that they can depend on us to make them look fantastic in their role of ordering custom t-shirts and apparel.

Not every custom t-shirt printer will offer the ability to print just one shirt on a variety of well-known name brand products. Some common services offer a single photo print but not the ability to choose from multiple products and have a very limited print space. We offer lots of no minimum order required products and can print up to 16”x20”.

The techniques for apparel decoration that the best custom t-shirt printers online should include are: traditional screen printing, digital printing, (for photo quality prints,) four color process, discharge printing, eco-friendly printing options, vinyl transfers, glitter and specialty ink applications, and embroidery. We aim to be a one stop destination for anyone looking to make great looking decorated apparel for business, personal, family, athletics, and schools anywhere in the United States.

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