Developing a unique and memorable personal brand is a new concept which has been primarily accelerated by the digital age. We’re used to associating the term, “brand” with companies, but it’s becoming increasingly important for individuals to promote their own particular style of brand to stand out from the competition. The competition is just about everyone else.

But how does one go about becoming a singular force in a sea of other creative and edgy people that are competing for jobs, new clients, and opportunities? Here’s how to develop your own personal brand with style in 5 easy steps.

  1. Craft a tagline by identifying your unique talents and who you want to be

    What makes you more capable than the average person? How do you see those gifts shaping who you want to be in your personal and professional life? Compose a tagline that embodies all of these concepts.

  2. Manifest this tagline in your wardrobe

    If you see yourself as artsy, you need to reflect this in your personal wardrobe. To truly set yourself apart, you can create your own custom t-shirts with original artwork and it doesn’t need to cost and arm and leg. If you see yourself as thought leader, you can incorporate clothing that uses bold statements that back up this aspect of your personality.

  3. Develop a routine

    Looking good doesn’t happen naturally for all of us. It takes time to look your best each day so make it a goal to wake up each morning with plenty of time to make apparel and grooming choices that follow the personal branding path you’re creating.

  4. Create and maintain a personal website

    It is the digital age and people want to be able to quickly assess what kind of person their dealing with. Whether as a prospective employer, a potential client, or even if your being considered as a candidate for a new social adventure. Update your website with activities, success stories, and your education. Don’t forget to personalize it by sharing memorable details about yourself, this is your brand.

  5. Get professional headshots

    This may sound extreme in a society that values the authenticity and ingenuity of the Mark Zuckerber’s of the world. If you’re trying to exude individuality, you don’t want it to backfire by looking simply ordinary. A professional photographer should understand how to best capture the identity you’re trying to build by instructing you on facial expression and providing the right environment. Use these headshots consistently in all of your online profiles so you become consistently recognizable.

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