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How to Design your own Game of Thrones Style Family Reunion T-Shirt

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Game of Thrones is a wildly popular series on HBO and while it would not be described as family friendly, the prevailing theme throughout is allegiance to family or houses. The different houses feature mottos or “words” they use to describe their ideals and these extend to those under their protection.

Each house adopts heraldry or insignia to differentiate families. Obviously Game of Thrones is fiction but these devices are real and historically were used as a means to identify your allies on a field of battle.

You may already have a family motto or slogan that has been passed down through generations or maybe you need to do some research on the subject. Even if you’re family name isn’t steeped in deep history, you can adopt a family crest that you’ve designed yourself. Here are some common heraldric symbols available in our design studio found using keyword: heraldry. Other keywords to use in your clip art search are crest, banner, crowns, badge, coat of arms, and specific animal names. The traditional meaning behind them is explained below so you can incorporate what is meaningful to your family.

The Anchor

Symbolizes hope in the form of religion; unyielding
The Anvil

Symbolizes honor
The Apple

Symbolizes well-being, bounty
The Arrow

Symbolizes martial readiness or a willing to fight
The Barrel

Symbol of brewers
The Bear

Symbolizes the protector of family, strength, ferociousness
The Bee

Symbolizes hard and industrious work
The Book

Symbolizes learning and knowledge, if open; manifestation
The Castle

Symbolizes safety and protection
The Cat

Symbolizes freedom, watchfulness, precognition, and stoutheartedness
The Cross

Dependant on the type of cross but generally Christianity
The Crown

Symbolizes authority and importance
The Dragon

Symbol of the defender, gallantry
The Eagle

Symbolizes a noble protector, bravery, watchfulness

Symbolizes purity and light
The Griffin

Symbolizes the protector, guardian of riches
The Hand

Symbolizes truth and justice
The Helmet

Symbolizes knowledge of defense; unbeatable, strong
The Horse

Symbolizes swiftness, readiness, and masculinity
The Lion

Symbolizes bravery, valor, and ferociousness
The Moon

Serene power over ordinary actions
The Pegasus

Symbolizes messenger from God, fame, and great activity
The Ram

Symbol for authority
The Scales of Justice

Symbolizes justice
The Snake

Symbolizes wisdom
The Stag

Symbolizes peace and harmony unless provoked
The Sword

Symbolizes justice and honor in battle

Below are a few t-shirt mockups to showcase how easy it is to design your very own Game of Thrones style t-shirt for family reunions or events.

Family mottos are either something you have or something you can author yourself. Researching family genealogy sites can reveal general motto’s attached to well-known surnames. But in the spirit of creating a Game of Thrones themed family reunion shirt, here are some slogans you can use or combine parts of many for something original.

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