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Yesterday, September 22nd, marked the release of the 5th game in the Halo franchise. Halo: ODST has been widely anticipated since it was announced. ODST was originally supposed to be a companion game for Halo 3, but instead was turned into a full-fledged game itself. Unlike previous Halo games, you are not playing from the perspective of the franchise’s protagonist, the Master Chief. This time around you are playing as an orbital drop shock trooper, a stark departure from the original Halo formal most of us know and love.

Halo is one of the most popular video games of all time, mainly because of its extremely popular online game play. Millions of people play Halo games online. Most people playing Halo online are college aged students and this is where our idea for a t-shirt design game in. While in college when the first Halo came out (yes we’re old) we witnessed countless dorm floor mates skip class and neglect studying to play Halo online. Grades plummeted and many have dropped out of college solely because Halo took up all their time, although to be fair these people would have found something else interfere with their education had Halo not existed. Are you a Halo fan? You can get the shirt we designed here. Although we chose “I Majored in Halo”, there are tons of phrases that could be used on this shirt. Other ones include “Halo, Homework Later” and “Halo Got Me Through College”. Enter our designer and add any phrase you want to the shirt. Remember to wear it while you are playing the new HaloODST.

We here at DesignAShirt, while being Halo fans, encourage you to say in school, go to class and do your studying. There will always be time to Halo.

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