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Most people are aware that Google collects data (for which to better serve us ads with) but now Google’s getting into fashion prediction. Hold on to your knickers; jogger pants are all the rage this spring. Furthermore, it looks like emoji jogger pants and custom emoji t-shirts are ranking really high on the list of “must-haves.”

Emoji T-Shirt

We are fascinated by tulle skirts and midi skirts but don’t know how to wear them so we’re searching for answers on how to pull them off. Beyonce has turned Kale into fashion statement but we’re no longer interested in normcore fashion. For those of you who are wondering, that’s just regular clothing as a fashion statement in retaliation to hipster styles.

Google started this project back in January 2012 and has used six billion queries to create clusters and themes to identify seasonal queries and isolate truly unusual search behaviors that ultimately translate into fashion trends. The methodology also identifies spikes in search behavior that may indicate a particular fashion trend that is today’s necessity will be tomorrow’s parachute pants. Even our preferences in colors and print designs are analyzed and recorded.  No surprises there, we like white, red, and black. 

What does all this mean? Not a whole lot unless you’re an apparel designer or simply fascinated with big data. As Google shares more information with eCommerce businesses though, we’re able to develop strategies to address what consumers want and provide solutions for questions being asked.

Our goal is to answer questions concerning design and the customization of t-shirts for family reunions, team sports, schools and business needs. But we’re not just providing answers; we take pride in the ability to execute your vision for personalized apparel and the delivery a flawless and affordable product on schedule. Bring on the emoji’s, the kale sweatshirts and perhaps even the jogger pants. 

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