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Welcome to Part 2 of our family reunion blog. Last time we talked about picking the right place to hold the reunion as well as creating a dynamic theme. We have a few more tips about the importance of planning and how to create some great
The hardest part of the family reunion is the planning stage. Once the whole family is in one place it is easy for the good times to roll. If there is sufficient preparation the reunion will foster family interactions that will naturally unfold into harmonious bliss. If the reunion is ill conceived and unfocused there is the possibility of discontentedness and bickering. Of course it depends on what your family is like, but if the reunion is focused from one event to the next each family member will feel encourage to participate and stick to a schedule. Try creating a custom T-shirt with the schedule of main events on the back so everyone will be on time for each gathering. It is also a great way to look back and remember every fun part of the reunion.


Of course all this planning must come from a very special and dedicated person. If you have taken it upon yourself to be this extraordinary coordinator, we think you deserve to have a special shirt just for you that will signify all your awesome party planning prowess!


Adding names and numbers to the back is a great way to personalize each shirt and make everyone stand out. This can be especially helpful if you have a large family or a lot of little ones that are always running around. If your family has funny nicknames for each other its a great idea to put them on the shirt to encourage family members to strike up a conversation about the nickname’s origin.

Preparation goes a long way in creating any successful event, so start planning early. And if you are feeling overwhelmed why not take a break from the hotel booking and event scheduling and have fun creating a custom family reunion shirt! Coordinating can be hard work but just remember that all the planning will pay off when you see the happiness and smiles at the reunion. We truly hope you enjoy creating a memorable custom T-shirt and can’t wait to see all the great family reunion T-shirt photos in our Photo Contest!

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