Mother’s day is almost here and for a lot of crazy busy people, panic mode will be setting in as it gets closer. We don’t want you to show up empty handed so we’ve rounded up a few easy, quick, and low cost gifts for mom from last minute kinds of kids. Check these out!

Vanilla Cupcake Flower Bouquet

Unless your mom is on a diet, her jaw will drop when you present her with this sweet surprise. And it doesn’t require buying a ton of craft supplies that you’ll never use again. Make it even easier by buying cake mix instead of making the cupcakes scratch.

Picture Perfect Planters

If mom has a sense of humor, she’ll love to see her family’s smiling faces on planters! This easy gift idea just requires a few artsy supplies and a photo printer but is well worth it for a really unique Mother’s Day gift.

Eggselent Glam Mirror

Make a super glam mirror with nothing but egg cartons? It sounds crazy but if you have a simple mirror and want mom to feel really special as she checks herself out, this project just requires some egg cartons and hot glue. The tutorial suggests taking the mirror out of its frame and gluing it to MDF board but if your mirror already has a fairly wide frame we bet you could get away with gluing your rosebuds directly to it. And as a bonus, mama gets some deviled eggs!

Mama Bear T-Shirt

A t-shirt designed just for mom’s personality is of course in order! The beauty of a personalized tee is mom can enjoy this for years to come. Go all out and upload your own images, add text, and pick the t-shirt product and size. Need it quick? Have it delivered in three days with lighting shipping.

Mommy Mug

What’s cuter than a hand painted mommy mug? This one will make all the other mother’s green with envy because it shows how much you care. A mug, some stickers, craft paints, and some sponge applicators make it easy and inexpensive.

Blooming Monogram

What’s more personalized than a monogram? Don’t turn your nose up at fake flowers; you’d be shocked at how real looking faux flowers are these days. This project will be done in no time and with very little investment!

Mom is an Avatar

Here’s something completely different! Make mom her own customized emoji she can use in texts and emails at BitMoji.

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