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DTV Digital TV Transition T-Shirt

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Analog is Dead!
2th 2009 is the day that analog died. TV finally made its long awaited switch from analog to digital today, meaning the bunny ear antennas that you have been using for the last twenty years will no longer be a viable option. The world of TV has advanced to the future, digital tuners are all the rage and now they are the only option if you want to receive a signal to your TV.

This is a historic change in the American TV landscape as TV had been analog broadcasting for 80 years. There is a bit of controversy surrounding the change as not every household is ready to handle it. Those paying for cable or satellite TV don’t have to worry about anything. The main problem group are the disabled, elderly and the poor who may not have the means or the wherewithal to get a digital converter box. There are multiple television stations that still aren’t ready for the transition, even though it was delayed by four months.

Welcome to the new era of TV broadcasting, digital. Analog is dead. Celebrate with this DTV T-Shirt.

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