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We’ve all seen the crazy runway trends of 2016, the boob belt, dried flowers in place of lipstick, and patterns that resemble a 1970’s explosion. Plenty of times fashion goes too far. But even when fashion is trying to be serious, who has the body to pull it off and bank account to finance it?

Top fashion designers are pushing the high end graphic tee with price tags ranging from $400 to $1000 plus dollars. The Kylie Jenners’ and Kim Kardashians’ of the world propel fashion trends and somehow get people to follow their style even if it looks bad on them. We love a good t-shirt, but that oversized t-shirt dress look has got to go!

Instead, we want to feature some classy looks that require very little other than some creativity, a few well-chosen accessories, and an open mind on ideas for dressing up the humble t-shirt. It could save you a boatload of money and keep your dignity in check. Here are some looks we aggregated via Instagram.

Add a scarf

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Scarves have become a fashion staple for both men and women. Scarves come in many different materials like silk, cotton, wool, and linen. The infinity style scarf is probably the easiest to fashion with a t-shirt since it doesn’t even require a knot or fancy wrapping.

Wear a bold necklace

Graphic tees are still pretty hot but you’ll often see them accessorized in fashion shoots with bold statement necklaces. The right piece of jewelry can dress up an otherwise plain outfit, particularly if combined with a high heel.

Wear a t-shirt with a blazer

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A blazer can class up almost anything, including jeans and a t-shirt. There are really only a few rules such as keep it a close fit and avoid twill weaves since it is too similar to blue jean material.

Wear a t-shirt with a pencil skirt

You might remember when only geeks wore t-shirts with skirts but it has really become quite a thing. It’s fashionable right now tucked into a high waist.

Wear a t-shirt with a flouncy skirt

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The total opposite of pencil is the flouncy look but you can see it looks really lovely on a curvy figure. The hat is an added touch that brings the look together and the pockets are so fun!

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