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DesignAShirt Economic Stimulus Package

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In today’s economy we all need to save money. We know how hard it is to find prices and companies that work with your budget. That’s why DesignAShirt is here with their Economic Stimulus Package. Well it’s not really a package but we have created a way on how you can get almost any group t-shirt order to fit your budget.

DesignAShirt introduces Design On A Dime. Our Design On A Dime provides you the most inexpensive way to shop at Have you ever gone to a t-shirt website only to have more and more questions? Such as “what is their cheapest t-shirt?” or “how do I design my shirts to fit my budget?”.

Well, we’ve taken the guess work out of it. Our Design On A Dime page gives you quick access to not only our cheapest custom t-shirts but even provides you with tips on how to save while designing. Your group’s custom t-shirts will be everything you wanted and will fit your tight budget.

There are many ways to save money on DesignAShirt. On our Design On A Dime page, we provide you with our cheapest products, what ink colors and quantity to choose, as well as ways to discount your total price. This is done through our sponsorship option as well as coupons found throughout our website.

So, are you ready to Save Money? Click Here to find out how.

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