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Design A Shirt Cheap, No Minimum

It’s tough to decide which t-shirt printer to use when looking to design a shirt cheap. No minimum orders further narrow your choices since many screen printers require a minimum of 36 or more to bring the price per shirt down to something you can afford. But this makes no sense if you’re trying to buy a custom t-shirt for a small event or just as gift.

Digital printing on t-shirts makes it easy for us to offer this service at a surprisingly low cost to you. Digital printing is also known as direct to garment printing since the process works much like a printer you might use to print copies on paper.

Digitally printing personalized garments also makes it affordable to print a design that uses a lot of colors or requires intricate, fine details. Digital even makes printing photographs on t-shirts possible. This is why we see a lot of instances where someone requests a print of their cat, dog, or children. Some even request memorial t-shirts to be printed commemorating their loved ones. We’ve printed memes, original art for indie artists, band merch, funny sayings, inside jokes and pretty much anything you can think of. Digital printing makes many things possible that cannot be achieved through screen printing without incurring great costs.

here are some cons to digital printing however. Typically, a digitally printed shirt’s design will not hold up to rigors of washing like a screen printed t-shirt can. This method also requires that the t-shirt product consist of 100% cotton for the ink to adhere properly. Although we use state of the art digital printers, it’s simply something that currently cannot be avoided and we try to make that clear to customers when they place their order.

Having printed millions of custom t-shirts over the years, we know the best materials to work with and the best t-shirt printing techniques in the industry. Along with expertise we offer some of the lowest price points without sacrificing quality which happens when cheap products are used to keep costs down. Our customer’s satisfaction is extremely important to us whether you order just one t-shirt or place a bulk screen print order with us.

We know a customer that orders just one t-shirt today can just as well purchase a bulk order in the future once they experience our outstanding customer service and receive a printed product they can be proud to wear or give as a gift. Design a shirt today with confidence and put your trust in the best t-shirt printers in the industry. Get free 10-day shipping in the U.S. as a bonus! Take a look at some examples of what can be done when you’re looking for a no minimum required option to design a shirt cheap!

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