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The ancient (at least technologically speaking) Internet Explorer version six is making news recently, mainly because of its ineptitude. It was released in 2001 and soon became the most widely used Internet browser in the world. IE6 has often been criticized for its lack of security and its slow response to issuing patches that close certain security loop holes.

IE6 is the standard browser that comes with most Windows Operating Systems. It is often considered slow and its lack of tabbed browsing makes it a less than desirable browsing option. It also doesn’t read the newest version of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets, a web-based language that makes websites look pretty) and it reads images differently than newer browsers, which means certain websites won’t look good on IE6. With the ever evolving Internet, IE6 has become remarkable out-of-date. The only problem is that millions of people still use this browser, since it is their default browser.

Recently, many popular websites such as Facebook, Digg and YouTube have announced that they are going to stop supporting IE6. If you still use IE6 it might be time to upgrade. Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 7 are all solid options.

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