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Being curious who our customers are and what motivates them is part of our culture. We’ve learned over time that behind every t-shirt order there is a story. Sometimes it’s a story of a family or a fundraiser or an event. But frequently, it’s a story of branding. We love interacting with our community via social channels so when we got multiple shout outs from the creator of Joey’s Garage we had to do some investigation. Joey is self-admittedly not an online social networking person by nature but you wouldn’t be able to tell that from the following he has on Twitter and his You Tube Channel which focuses on DIY mechanical instruction and product reviews.

Building a personal brand is a concept that is becoming more commonplace and we’re astounded at how quickly his brand has grown and the steps taken to develop it. We asked him some questions about his background and the driving force of Joey’s Garage as a personal project.

What is the motivation behind launching Joey’s Garage YouTube Channel?

“There are several factors that inspired me to launch a YouTube channel.

I love helping others, and I love the satisfaction of fixing something broken. I’m the type of guy that people come to when they are having mechanical problems. On numerous occasions I have had friends and neighbors knock on my door saying something was wrong with their vehicle. Just like a commercial mechanic, I would tell them to roll it in my garage, and start fixing the problem. Numerous times after helping those friends and neighbors they said I should be a mechanic as a part-time job. But that isn’t possible with my full time job, wife, and kid.

I am also a member of online motorbike forums. Members ask for help and others reply with answers. I found with the more complicated answers, a video is easier to understand than typed words on a screen. The concept of helping others with instructional videos started increasing my interest.

Sometimes when I need help fixing something I check YouTube to see if others have had the same problem and what the solution was. I understand I don’t know everything. And there are several YouTube channels that I watch regularly that deal with project cars and bikes, typical mechanic car work, and scientific answers of why cars/bikes do what they do and the physics behind them.

So combining all those factors, the concept of “Joey’s Garage” was born.”

What is the history behind your passion for motorbike restoration and repair?

“My latest project, a motorcycle restoration, started because I wanted to adventure outside my comfort zone. The smaller engines, ATVs and scooters I feel I’ve mastered, so to expand my knowledge and appeal on YouTube, a motorcycle restoration was an obvious progression.”

What is your favorite type of DIY project?

“My favorite type of project is product testing and review. So far everything for my channel has been self-financed, so if I am able to buy a product to test the claims of the manufacturer, I will continue. That way another person can make an informed decision on what automotive products to use. And I also love developing and testing a review process, and I try to make it as scientific as possible.”

Which has been your favorite video to make so far?

“I do get a lot of positive feedback for my instructional videos and product reviews. I also get some constructive criticism which I listen to in order to improve. The materials and concepts of each video are also dependent upon how much can be budgeted for the video. As the brand, business model, and budget evolves over time, more detailed tests and instructional videos can be done.”

What do you like most about the motorbike community?

“The one thing I like the most about the motorbike community is the overwhelming acceptance of others. Whether it’s a small engine scooter or a large engine motorcycle, the entire community looks out for each other since we all understand the vulnerability motorbike riders face upon the road.”

Why did you order custom t-shirts for Joey’s Garage?

“The main reason I decided to order custom t-shirts was to continue to develop and establish a brand for myself. When I first started the channel, I had several DIY Network shirts that I had previously won from the TV network’s contest. I usually didn’t wear them day to day, but thought they were a perfect fit for the concept of my channel since I want to empower others to fix things for themselves. The shirts started wearing out, so instead of continuing to advertise someone else’s brand I decided to establish my own. Models have shown that branding is essential for any business or YouTube channel to maintain the whole image of an adventure.”

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