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At DesignAShirt custom t-shirts we are fully committed to customer service. We have recently had some issues with our phones and it was hampering our ability to truly serve the customer. We have made steps to fix this problem by acquiring new Plantronics headsets for all our customer service agents. We are excited because these headsets are going to improve our customer service ability. Now our agents can field your calls hands free, which gives them even more freedom to help you.

We don’t outsource our customer service, it is all done in house just like every part of our production process. The reason we are able to give the you good service is that we can personally oversee your printing process. If you have a question about your shirt our customer service agent can literally walk from their desk to the warehouse and check on the printing of your shirt. Now that they have hands free headsets they can even walk around while still talking to you!

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