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Custom Uniforms as Branding Opportunities? Of Course!

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When you think of uniforms, does your mind connect with a specific brand? Well, that is just how companies use them, branding. Companies take their target population and create a brand that is meant to entice them and attract them to whatever services or goods are being sold. This is a tactic of marketing. Marketing is the action of promoting and selling services or products. Marketing proves to your customers that your product or services are worth more than your competitors. Flyers, ads, and billboards are all tools used in the marketing world, as well as uniforms and t-shirts!

What better way to promote your company than a living, breathing and moving billboard? Well, that is what many brands believe. In addition to just getting the name out into the public, it also creates another way of connection to customers. It is important to create a uniform in tandem with your brand. Each uniform communicates a different message to your customers. Therefore, picking a uniform color, type, and look is a very important task.

The right fit is essential when it comes to uniforms. Picking something that everyone can wear promotes equality and ensures that no employee feels uncomfortable in their uniform. Function is also interrelated. Employees must feel good in a uniform and it should be able to hold up to their work duties. If so, employees are better able to perform and they will feel better about the work they are doing.

If customers come in contact with employees, they are likely to judge the company based on who they employ. Uniforms create consistency. Yes, of course, as mentioned before it means that every employee looks the same, but this is not just a general idea. Every time an employee provides a service or goods, the image of the experience will be remembered along with it. Customers will begin to think of a brand in terms of what they can connect to. Many times that is an employee, so employees must represent the branded image you’re trying to create as an employer.

Additionally, workwear that is fun and creative may be worn on the weekends, especially if you offer creative designs printed on quality t-shirt products. In many cases, employees are proud to work at a company and want to show the world that they belong to a brand. T-shirts, sweatshirts, or hats are a great way to keep promoting a company even when the work day is over. Selling or giving away your company t-shirts is yet another way of marketing. Loyal customers have the opportunity to show love to a brand.

You’ll want to base your t-shirt product choice on the type of company you have or the branding ideal you’re trying to promote. If you have a high end or very professional business, polos that are either embroidered or screen printed are advisable. Embroidering custom polo shirts requires the design be digitized into a format that embroidery machines can execute in stitches. This requires submission of the artwork to provide an estimate as it’s based on the stitch count. Screen printing polos is another choice and works well and is typically less expensive.

Custom t-shirts as uniforms are ideal for just about any type of business. The construction industry, small businesses, restaurants, and bars frequently go this route as it’s affordable, easily replenished, and above all else, very comfortable for their employees.

If your staff’s duties require a great deal of exercise or if they primarily work outside, we recommend performance t-shirts as the content of the tee is designed to keep moisture away from the skin thus providing more comfort to the wearer. One restriction with performance wear is that these products must be ordered in groups of at least six, so if you frequently require one-off prints, we don’t recommend performance wear.

We offer safety apparel as well for construction and crews including safety green tees and sweatshirts along with safety vests that are ANSI compliant in both safety orange and green.

Custom employee uniforms don’t have to stop at the shirt. You can further unify the look of your team with custom hats that can be either embroidered or screen printed. For restaurant or craft workers, either full or half aprons can be customized with your logo or slogans you want to impress upon the customers they are serving.

Custom uniforms have the ability to make an impact on how customers perceive your business. Cultivating an atmosphere where people feel they are surrounded by experts that can fulfill their needs can be attained through the customization of workwear.

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