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Custom Hats – How to use them for Business and Pleasure

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Custom hats are a huge deal for a lot of men. They’re as attached to a man’s identity as they are to their heads, or if you’re not a hat guy for pleasure, you might be wearing them for business purposes.

If your hat is a daily fixture, you might be wearing it because it identifies your favorite team with a logo or maybe your favorite designer’s logo. While these hats are available in a lot of colors and styles through licensed resellers, some guys that wear hats for style purposes might be more interested in a custom look that describes the more intimate details of their psyche. In these cases it’s popular to resell these customized hats in a retail environment or to give as gifts to friends and family. That’s where getting a custom hat printed comes into play.

Custom embroidery on hats can be applied to literally tons of different styles of hats which we have access to beyond the products listed on our custom print website. We have access to snapback, fitted caps, 5 panel, 6 panel, structured, unstructured, low profile, trucker, mesh trucker…pretty much anything a customer needs we can get and in all the colors!

We’d recommend embroidery for anything 6 panel or structured, otherwise the ink can bunch at the seam running down the middle and may not lay consistently on structured hats since they’re difficult to bend against our hat boards. It’s possible, but embroidery would have a much cleaner outcome on this style of hat.

The other option to personalize hats is screen print. It’s highly wearable and durable, and in some cases more cost effective depending on the purpose of the cap. With either option, simplicity is recommended since the available real estate is limited.

But why do men love these types of hats so much and are there any rules that should be adhered to? Functionality has turned into fashion. The original baseball cap style was simply a means to keep the sun out of the player’s eyes. Some men still use it for just this purpose or to keep longer hair contained in the wind. But many men will agree that it’s also a fashion statement which has been propelled not-only by sports, but also by genres of music including hip-hop, and country & western.

To attract the ladies, there are certain fashion faux paus that should not be made. For instance, never, ever, wear a hat on a first date, especially if you’re taking her to a nice restaurant. The exceptions would be if your first date is an outdoor sporting event, or fishing, or hiking. If you asked her on one of these dates and she accepted, well-done, you’ve found yourself a keeper. Additionally, never is a shabby, dirty hat appropriate. Even if it’s your favorite, time to customize a new piece of headwear. Don’t hold onto a style for too long either. If you haven’t seen the style of cap you’re wearing on anyone else for a really long time, maybe check out what the male fashion blogs are saying about the latest and greatest.

The baseball cap is one of American’s most identifiable fashion exports along with jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. Can anyone say Forrest Gump? In fact, some estimate that at least 80% of hats sold are of the baseball variety or its close cousin, the snapback.

We love them for their promotional product appeal. That’s why logoed caps are the go to for many businesses as a means of providing a functional (and therefore appreciated,) promotional giveaway. Another trend in corporate giveaway and promotional hats are performance wear. This type of hat is ideal for activity related promotions like charity walks, runs, and outdoor team-building exercises. But most important of all, if you personalize a hat that people love, they’ll wear it frequently if not every day. This isn’t going to be the case with t-shirts or polos unless it’s part of a uniform. To increase perceived value of a giveaway, you can combine a custom t-shirt and cap, now that’s the gold standard of promotional giveaways and it’s a unique selling point of the highly versatile custom cap.

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