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CrossFit Exercise

As health and fitness becomes increasingly popular, the industry continues to develop all new workouts for those who may get tired and bored of their regular regimens. Before 2010, Cross Fit was mostly for police and military, but since then it has grown in popularity with fitness junkies everywhere.

Cross Fit is a combination workout. It is a high-intensity fitness program that uses elements from multiple different sports or other types of exercise. Gymnastics, weightlifting, and running are just a few examples of where the workouts stem from.

CrossFit was founded as a company in 2000 by a man named Greg Glassman. As a young gymnast, he discovered that specialties led people to a deficit in other outlets. He approached fitness as a type of “cross” training between domains of fitness. He found that this prepared athletes the best for general physical needs.

CrossFit headquarters is located in Santa Cruz, California, where Glassman opened his gym. He began by training the local police department. This is where the community aspect of CrossFit came to light. Glassman discovered that he had too many clients to train and began to train multiple people at one time. The clients typically enjoyed getting to work out with others and since then CrossFit has been a group workout.

Who can do Cross Fit? Well, Cross Fit welcomes persons from all backgrounds of fitness. The program can be scaled up or down depending on your experience and strength level. The workouts are typically the same for everyone; however people may do more/less repetitions or may use a greater/lesser amount of weight. Regardless, it is very important to exercise with a professional to protect yourself from injury.

If you are interested in Cross Fit and want to give it a try, check out both Groupon and the gym’s website. Many Cross Fit gyms offer a free first trial class. If there are several in your area, try them al! Each gym has a different atmosphere and personnel. It is best to find the gym that suits you and your goals. Do not be turned off by the price of belonging to a CrossFit gym. If you decide you like Cross Fit, some memberships can also be found at a discounted price on Groupon.

CrossFit Maneuver

Upon introduction to Cross Fit, many programs will take you through a training program before you join the master classes. This program is typically called “Foundations” or “Elements,” and it is used for beginners to learn the fundamental movements of Cross Fit. This class is necessary due to the nature of the workout. Correct form and technique will give you maximal conditioning and reduce the odds of injury.

If you want to know if a gym is affiliated with CrossFit or if there is a gym near you, look no farther than If you are located here in the Valley, there are more than 90 CrossFit affiliates to choose from. Here are some great options for you to have your first or next experience with CrossFit.

Located right in downtown Phoenix, Core CrossFit is part of a program called Phoenix Fit. This group works to help individuals with not only a training regimen, but holistically, bringing in aspects of diet and rest, and recovery, as well.

Ladies, need some female-only time? Ahwatukee CrossFit is the place for you. This gym is an exclusive community of all women trainers and athletes. However, men are welcome in the Co-Ed 12pm class. Memberships for this class are available to both men and women.

CrossFit Full Strength prides themselves on being one of the oldest gyms in the valley and boast their coaches who together have more than 30 certifications. They do all of their programming in house and also strive to host frequent social events to enhance the community aspect of the gym.

8th Street CrossFit is located in Tempe near the ASU Campus. They strive to have smaller class sizes and very attentive coaching, while still creating a friendly atmosphere. Additionally, they offer discounts to Military, Police, EMS, and even students!

While Build Up CrossFit began as a small CrossFit only gym in a garage, it has grown to so much more. They now offer personal training, boot camps, Olympic lifting, yoga, tumbling, and Build Up Warrior classes. This gym wants to be a place for everyone to find their niche and promote a lifelong fitness journey.

When you really start getting into any program or lifestyle, you learn there are specific slogans and themes that people identify with. We have lots of Crossfit customers who order custom t-shirts for specific events or simply for unification at the gym. If you find that Crossfit becomes your lifestyle and you want to express yourself through custom apparel check out our t-shirt productsready for customization with your very own design.

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