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Have you ever dreamed of being a contestant on your favorite popular game show? Perhaps becoming the next reality star is more your speed? Whatever the case, we know that all the standout participants often have a secret commonality: They all rock awesome unique custom shirts!

Whether you want Drew to hand you a pile of Plinko chips, or have Jillian coach you to physical perfection, you first have to show that you have all the pizzazz of a rising television star! Check out these example shirts to get your T.V. dreams churning.

An insider tip to remember is that for certain game shows like The Price is Right, you may want to have something printed on the back for when you face away from the cameras in order to spin the Big Wheel! Or try creating a joke with the punchline on the back, a great way to break the ice with any superstar host.

So when you do become a star, remember your friends over at who helped you get your start! One last tip: If your dream is to become the next Jeopardy star, you may want to consider something other than a t-shirt. Custom tie? Crewneck? We’ll have to ask Trebeck and get back to you.

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