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On this day in 1492, Christopher Colombus discovered the New World. While he didn’t discover the Americas, because they were inhabited by millions at the time he arrived, he did discover them in relation to the Old World. His voyage will always be a major day in the history of the world.Colombus set sail all those years ago to prove that he could reach India by travelling West instead of East. This was thought to be suicide because the common belief at the time was that the Earth was flat andColombus would sail right off of it into the abyss.

Colombus is celebrated in the United States and in the Latin community every year on October 12th. It is also referred to as “The Day of the Latin Race” in other parts of the Americas. It is celebrated because it is a signature day that started the events that led to the modernization of the western world. There is also some opposition to the holiday, party because ofColombus’ effects on Native American populations when he arrived.

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