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Celebrating Brief Statements with Powerful Intent in 2015

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Personalized t-shirts almost always feature a small snippet of text, a quote or a saying. These are meant to be humorous, witty, inspiring or to designate belonging to a team or organization. Oftentimes as of late, statements on shirts make the news because the copy is radical or intended to make a powerful declaration. To celebrate the New Year though, we’re going to share some short statements in the form of New Year’s inspirational haiku’s written by the original poet of extreme brevity, Issa. He is known to be one of the four haiku masters of Japan, enjoy a selection of fifteen and best wishes for the New Year, 2015!

on New Year’s Day
a cute little pilgrim
at the gate

big field–
my New Year’s walk
follows holes made by canes

my shadow too
in good health…
“Happy New Year!”

world of man–
even in mountain shade
New Year’s water

even an old man
has New Year’s eyes…
cherry blossoms

New Year’s Day–
that I’m still on this journey

my New Year’s
lucky direction walk…
to cherry blossoms

up to yesterday
I saw you every day…
New Year’s herbs

New Year’s pine–
alone, listening to
the evening rain

on New Year’s Day
tall as a sleeping man…
the clouds

keeping the falling
snow company…
New Year’s pine

birds singing–
on a tatami mat in a field, too
happy New Year

the trainer lets
his monkey hold it…
New Year’s kite

putting on my
New Year’s clothes…
the mountain owl laughs

on New Year’s Day
I have company
bird without a nest

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