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Traci Gauthier is the author and webmaster of The Bloggy Dogs, a blog site that features articles, advice, tips and recipes geared specifically toward the canine lover. And of course, lots of pictures and details showcasing the escapades of the stars of the show, Goji and Oreo. We asked Traci to share with us some of the backstory on why she developed The Bloggy Dogs and her viewpoint on a few issues surrounding dog adoption and the relationship between humans and the friendly little tail wagers known as man’s best friend.

Goji and Oreo

What was the vision behind developing The Bloggy Dogs?

Traci Gauthier – The Bloggy Dogs is about sharing the stories of our experiences with our dogs, particularly my experience as a first time dog owner.  The goal is to connect and share stories with other dog lovers and better understand the human dog relationship.  Eventually, the blog will lead to the creation of a book, so it’s like a living book editing process too.

Do you have a favorite breed of dog?

T.G. – I’m probably a Border Collie/Heeler type because of their working type character and physical esthetic.  I would never get a dog from a breeder though, I’m all about adopting, so when it comes down to it, I’ll adopt a dog that connects with me and my lifestyle…which could be any kind of mix breed!  

Oreo and Goji see a squirrel

What can dogs teach us humans?

T.G. – That’s a huge question, so I’ll simplify here- I believe a dog is mirror of a person’s character because of two reasons: 1. They’ve been bred to work for us in a number of capacities, so they’re very in tune with human behaviors and 2. They can reconnect us with our most basic animal-selves, like communication without words and unconditional love without judgement.  Humans just have to remember that dogs are dogs, but we can be companions for each other.

What are some insights you can share with anti-dog people that might make them change their mind?

T. G. – Some people just don’t like animals for any number of reasons, so I really have no idea what it would take to get some anti-dog person to love dogs.  Some people think that they need to own a dog, but owning a dog is a huge responsibility and someone who already has negative feelings toward them would probably create bad human/dog relationship.  Most people who are anti-anything are simply lacking experience in the thing they hate…they probably just need to hang out around more good dogs.  I was a cat person for years and thought dogs were dirty and slobbery, but dogs are very moldable creatures. They simply want to please you- so who could hate that!?

Oreo helping in the kitchen

Do you have any specific opinion on adopting a dog versus buying from a breeder?

T.G. – There are great breeders and there are great shelters…and bad on both sides too.  I spent 2 months searching for a dog that suited my lifestyle and esthetics and about 6 months of dog research before that…I sought to only adopt because there are great dogs already out there, I didn’t need to wait for some breeder to make one.  When looking for a dog companion to share the next 10-20 years with, it’s worth seeking out breeders or shelters that are doing the best they can to fit your personality with the personality of the dog.  However, I will always say adopt because many dogs and pets in general are already out there waiting for some wonderful human to look after them.

Goji, the mighty hunter

The site has a very particular style with great imagery, do you
 handle all the photography and design in-house?

T.G. – I’m a graphic designer and photographer by trade and passion, so I basically combined my love for my dogs with my love for art and put it on the web.  I’m always reinventing my style too, so I imagine the site will go through many style changes through the years.

What purpose do the custom Bloggy Dogs T-Shirts have?

T.G. – I’ve been making shirt designs for years, so I thought I’d try branding my dogs too.  It’s really just for fun at this point.  I’m working on a whole new set of designs that will cater to the dogcentric person as a whole.  Some it will be custom work for people and other designs are simply that, dogcentic art on a shirt!  Once I get more established with my online store, I’m going to partner up with a national charity organization and donate most of the proceeds.  I just have to research which charities will be the best fit first. 

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