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Staggeringly rude and very, very funny” – Time Online
“A brave and necessary comedy” – This is London
“As hilarious as it is terrifying”- Little White Lies
“Sets the bar for guerrilla comedy as high and as low as it can go” –ReelTalk

These are all phrases used by movie reviewers to describe Bruno, maybe the most anticipated movie of the summer. The movie stars Sacha Baron Cohen is a not-really-a-sequel-but-kind-of-is follow up to his 2006 hit Borat. The movie follows Cohen’s famous character, Bruno, as he travels the country pushing the boundaries of what is socially acceptable.

Cohen’s comedies are often unscripted, crude, unpredictable and uproariously funny. Bruno promises to be a wild ride in the same class as Borat. Plan on waiting in line to see Bruno on opening weekend? A Bruno t-shirt may be just what you need. You can use our existing template and edit it anyway you like.

Go see Bruno, laugh then wear the t-shirt!

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