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He’s baaaaaaack. In a move that probably doesn’t shock anyone, Brett Favre returned from what feels like his tenth retirement to sign with the Minnesota Vikings. The Brett Favre saga has been ongoing in the NFL for the last four years. It started as a simple will he or won’t he retire from the Green Bay Packers. In the summer of 2008 the Packers didn’t want him back and Favre forced a trade to the New York Jets. After a subpar season with the Jets Favre decided to retire again, only to leave the door open to coming out of retirement and playing with the Vikings. After an off-season of rumor, Brett Favre decided he was done with football and retired. That lasted about two weeks until today, when Favre came out of retirement to sign with the Minnesota Vikings.

This is obviously the perfect opportunity to make a t-shirt. We went with a simple sports looking shirt with the city name and number on the front, but the back of the jersey (pictured) states “He Is Back” instead of saying his name. An interesting play on the situation. Whether you love him for hate him, there is a Brett Favre t-shirt for you. Get yours here.

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