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Feel For Lumps, Save Your Bumps
The shirt contains the classic pink and black colors associated with breast cancer awareness. The iconic pink ribbon sits just above the heart and sheds all doubt as to what this t-shirt is really about. The back of the shirt contains the creative catchphrase: Feel For Lumps, Save Your Bumps.

This design is very creative mainly because of the funny slogan. The slogan will more than likely catch people’s attention and make them chuckle, all while promoting awareness for breast cancer. With the slick design and funny, yet poignant slogan, this custom t-shirt is one of the finer ones we have received. Promoting breast cancer awareness has never looked so good.

Breast cancer has become a very serious problem in our society today. There are many organizations that are dealing with it. Do your part in promoting breast cancer awareness with custom t-shirts from DesignAShirt.

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