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“This photo was taken at my son’s apartment as he and one of his flat-mates were cooking up a home-made chicken pot pie. I gave him the aprons as a Christmas present this year. The Boys (there are three flat-mates) are always experimenting in the kitchen, whether it is someone’s killer ribs with signature bbq sauce (my recipe!) or someone else’s perfect apple pie. And, of course, the neighborhood is the beneficiary of their gourmet prowess! Living a short block and a half from the ocean in Newport Beach, there is an “open sliding door” policy, and on any typical warm and breezy evening you will see young and old wander in and out, enjoying good food and good company. The Boys have dubbed their hallowed kitchen D 3 Zero, for the Dirty Thirty, which is the name of their posse and a reference to the street number they live on. I wanted a flaming font, and Design A Shirt was able to create the font which is on the apron perfectly!”

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