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Microsoft officially launched their newest web search tool today, titled Bing. In the past Microsoft’s search engine has been known as MSN Search and Windows Live Search. Today, Window’s Live search officially switched over to Bing. Microsoft claims that Bing will be a “decision engine”. What exactly is a decision engine? According to Bing, it is a “powerful set of intuitive tools on top of a world class search service, which will help you make smarter, faster decisions.”

On Bing’s launch day a popular phrase has been circling the Internet, stating that Bing is an acronym for ‘Because Its Not Google”. Bing is marketing itself as an alternative to Google, maybe that is the reason they chose the name Bing. If you are a fan of Bing, or just looking for another search engine, then we have the shirt for you. Be the envy of tech circles and stick it to Google with this funny t-shirt. If you are anti-Bing and a Google fan, use our template and edit the shirt to say “But Its Not Google”. The possibilities are truly endless.

In honor of Bing Launch Day, DesignAShirt gives you the Bing Launch Day Shirt.

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